Do you want to train and develop your current employees but struggle for time?

Do you need to improve retention in a flooded recruitment market?

You’re ready to implement a Learning & Development function, but don’t have the budget for a fulltime L&D Manager?

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Welcome to The L&D Co -  an outsourced Learning & Development consultancy in Yorkshire, who can help you retain staff by embedding an L&D culture. Our 4-step process will equip your business with the tools you need to allow employees, new and future, to grow with your business. 


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Working with SMEs in Yorkshire

Many small businesses don’t have Learning and Development plans; the long-term consequences of this can be catastrophic.

If you employ fewer than 25 people, you might not have a need for a full-time Learning & Development Manager, so an outsourced partner is often the perfect solution.

Why? If you don’t develop your people, they will look for development elsewhere.

The impact? You lose good people who could become future leaders of your business; they know your clients and candidates and hold valuable knowledge about your market.

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 Working with our Learning & Development consultancy in Yorkshire will allow you to work through a 4 step process without the cost of a full time salary; we’ll work together on the following:



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We’ll consider where you are currently, and what you currently have in place.

We will draw out a plan for the next 12 months, giving you an L&D strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

We’ll consider who you might be able to assign some Learning & Development responsibilities within your current team – a great training opportunity in itself! This person will be your new L&D Champion.



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We can create an L&D policy and procedure.


We will align this with your business processes and deliver an effective L&D service to your staff.

We’ll write your job descriptions (if you don’t have them already!) and ensure the team know their roles and responsibilities. We’ll then create a list of skills needed for each role within your company.



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I’ll work with your team leaders and business heads to find out any skills gaps within the team.

We’ll then complete a full Training Needs Analysis, interview employees and assess their current skills. Having highlighted areas for development, we’ll work on sourcing the right training providers. We work with several reputable partners who offer training in Sales, Recruitment, Business Development, Marketing and Leadership Development.

Each employee will be provided with a Personal Development Plan, enabling them to keep track of their own learning.



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Let’s futureproof your L&D function. Once the initial training is complete, we’ll create a 90-day L&D plan.

Your new L&D Champion will receive regular coaching in line with the 90-day plan where we’ll work on embedding your new processes and create a genuine L&D culture. We’ll review any training that’s already taken place and assess the impact this has on the team.

Surely, that’s enough to retain our current team? Potentially, but we don’t want to just retain them: we want them to flourish and grow with your business. They’ll be fundamental for your future growth.



The cost of implementation will be dependent upon the number of employees in the organisation. 

I’d love to organise an initial meeting to discuss cost projections.


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Benefits to your Business

Improve employee retention 

No one likes working in a job without prospects. Being overlooked for promotion due to a lack of training, or not having a personal development plan, will cause employees to look elsewhere! Your team needs to feel appreciated. In the current economic climate, employee retention is paramount.

An L&D structure for business growth 

Thanks to our Learning & Development consultancy in Yorkshire, by the end of the process, you’ll have the structure in place to support a growing team. You’ll be able to offer new and future employees a framework which allows for personal development and a progression route through your business. You’ll develop your own people in line with your business goals ensuring talent will come from within. That aspiring Junior could be your next Team Leader.

We’ll spend time coaching your internal L&D Champion; they’ll manage the day-to-day operations of your new function and we’ll be on hand to offer support.

A better recruitment service 

Your clients and candidates will benefit from skilled recruiters, leaders, and marketeers; offering a great service, which will allow them to place people in the right roles, looking after them effectively throughout the recruitment process. Through the training, your team will fine tune the skills they need to excel.








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Kelly was a genuine asset to Aardvark Swift.

As well as being a valuable member of the Senior Management Team, she created an L&D function to support our HR team. Kelly took a systematic approach and used her process led nature to drive results. Starting with an L&D policy & procedure, in line with the current business processes; both were rolled out to the wider team to gain employee buy in.

She then completed an annual Training Needs Analysis alongside the employee appraisals. This was a great opportunity for us to explore the strengths and areas for development across the team. Kelly ensured each employee was reviewed against their Job Descriptions and she assessed current skills gaps.

Researching the best training providers, Kelly then presented the options to the internal stakeholders of the business. We used a variety of training providers to help develop the whole team; marketing, recruitment and management.

The best part of this process was that Kelly researched available funding, where we were awarded over 60% of the costs for all the training we implemented! The follow up was particularly important – and when Kelly left the business, she’d set everything up so the L&D function could run smoothly. We now have a training matrix in place for each employee which is a living breathing document; employees can request training through the system and Line Managers can highlight where additional coaching support is needed.

We’re on a fast growth curve and I’m sure that we can build on the foundations that have been laid by Kelly and that our L+D function will be a vital tool to help us increase business performance and also aid staff retention levels.