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What services does The L&D Co offer?

A 4-step process to implement an L&D function – for growing businesses who don’t currently have an L&D function:




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Phase 1: Explore

Let’s consider where you are currently, what problems are you looking to solve and what do you currently have in place?

We will put a plan in place to map out the next 12 months: giving you an L&D strategy which aligns with your business objectives.

We’ll define my role as an external partner and consider options of who you might be able to task with some Learning & Development responsibilities within your current team – a great learning opportunity in itself! This person will be your new L&D Champion.






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Phase 2: Build

Let’s create an L&D policy and procedure.

This will align with your current business processes so we can deliver an effective L&D service to your employees.

We’ll write your job descriptions (if you don’t have them already!) and ensure the team know their roles and responsibilities.

We’ll then create a list of skills needed for each role within your company in line with your organisation chart. Don’t have one currently? We can help.






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Phase 3: Execute

I’ll work with your team leaders or business heads to highlight any obvious skills gaps within the team. We’ll then complete a full training needs analysis by interviewing employees using competency-based activities to assess their current skills.

By highlighting areas for development, we’ll work on sourcing the right training providers. We work with several reputable partners who offer training in Sales, Recruitment, Business Development, Marketing and Leadership Development.

Each employee will be provided with a PDP, enabling them to keep track of their own learning; requesting additional training as they progress with the company.






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Phase 4: Sustain

Let’s futureproof your L&D function.

Once the training is complete, we’ll work together on a 90-day L&D plan.

Your new L&D Champion will receive regular coaching in line with the 90-day plan where we’ll work on embedding your new processes and create a genuine L&D culture. We’ll review the training that’s already taken place and assess the impact this has on the team.

Surely, that’s enough to retain our current team? Potentially, but we don’t want to just retain them: we want them to flourish and grow with your business. They’ll be fundamental for your future growth.



 We’ll work together on the following: 


  • 90 Day L&D Planning
  • Evaluation of Training
  • Funding Options


  • Appraisal Process
  • Career Mapping
  • Induction Planning

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